Experience with PM smart



Contracted as Program Director T-systems on the Shell Global Account.


Program Director on Infrastructure and Transition & Transformation related Projects  for T-Systems Global accounts and Global Shell IT landscape.


Expierence with PM-Smart bv

Tom Smulders, Senior ProjectManager / Program Manager at T-Systems - Shell. (colleague)
I worked very closely with Luc in the Storage Overall Program for the T-Systems Shell Account.
Luc is a senior program director with an excellent knowledge on project management processes. He is able to setup a program structure that allows other project and program managers to be successful.
He takes a very personal approach in managing his team and is able to make individuals as well as the team develop rapidly.
He sets clear goals and does not give up before he achieves them.
He is a very dedicated and experienced leader and I have learned a great deal from him.
I enjoy working with him and would recommend him to anybody looking for an experienced program manager/director”. July 6, 2014

Mark Jones, Delivering Information Security consultancy to the Banking sector via Quantum Shield Security Ltd , T-Systems. (manager and colleague)

"I've worked with an managed many project / program managers. Luc stood out as someone able to understand completely the requirements and dedicated himself to delivery. Luc was a person you could simply trust". May 15, 2013

Mahmoud Moaddine, Senior Project Manager / Program Manager at T-Systems - Shell. (colleague)

"Luc and I worked together with T-Systems on the Shell Global account where Luc continued to manage a Disaster Recovery Program that I was previously responsible for. From the first day it was clear Luc was an experienced and senior program manager that quickly managed to get an overview of the program and the organisation. Luc’s overall appearance is strong on all levels. He is able to manage and communicate with senior stakeholders as well as with the technical engineers. Luc does not shy away from putting in 100% of the effort and beyond to achieve his goal. His approach is open, fair, and structured. A way of working that I very much appreciated and I believe will deliver success ". November 9, 2012

Paul Alder, Director of Implementation Services EMEA, GXS (manager and colleague)

“Luc worked in my team at GXS and consistently performed an outstanding job in managing some of our more complex global projects. Customer feedback was always very positive, his project resources were always complimentary and, more importantly for me the project metrics of quality, time and budget were always precisely managed, reported and delivered against.” December 2, 2011

Jean-francois Eritzpokhoff, EMEA Sales Executive, GXS (former GE Information Services) (colleague)

“Luc is very experimented and high quality Project Manager. He was managing in The Netherlands a B2B migration project of one of my strategic international account. The client was so happy and satisfied by the quality that he recommended our company to all its group affiliates and even large suppliers. Luc is key contributor to our business success. I strongly recommend Luc.” August 23, 2011

Ian Williams, EDI Specialist, Warner Bros (client and business partner)

“Luc provided project management expertise for a rollout of our EDI interfaces across Japan, Australia and New Zealand. His approach was very methodical and professional. He provided a great point of interface between our two companies across multiple timezones and his team delivered all that was asked of them. I'd be very happy to work with him again.” August 20, 2011

Stefano Ravagli , Program Manager Internet Commerce, Cisco (colleague)
reported to you

““I worked with Luc on a Project for a new customer set-up. Luc was a true professional, always engaged his responsibilities with passion and integrity showing respect for both the business and the people of his Team. Luc built amazing customer relationships and was a pleasure to work with always. I would love to have the chance to work with him again".” August 17, 2011

Eric Delpierre, Program Director HP (manager and colleague)

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity
“It was a pleasure for me to work with Luc because I enjoyed his positive attitude & motivation to do a good job and I appreciated him very much as a person. Luc is highly professional as a PM, he is reliable and pro- active for anticipating risks and issues. Good communication skills.” March 19, 2011

Jade Tran, Integration Architect, FCS (colleague)

“Luc is one of the best Programme Managers that I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I worked with Luc for 2 year on the Ahold-EMS account. Luc had strong leadership skills and always gave clear direction. He effectively managed the project team and the client. Also, he showed great discipline during high pressure moments on the project. In addition to Luc's impressive PM skills, Luc was also a great professional and personal mentor. I highly recommend Luc for any project. He would be a great asset to any customer or company. I look forward to the pleasure of working with Luc again anytime!” April 16, 2010

Werner Draaisma, Project Manager, EDS, an HP Company (colleague)

“I worked more than 2 years together with Luc on a big programme at Ahold. He was not only a very enthusiastic and result driven programme manager, but he was also a very skilled mentor for me. Luc was always prepared to listen and he always made time for me when there was something to discuss, not only about our programme. Furthermore is Luc very straight in his communication which turned out very important in this major programme.” February 23, 2010

Robert Heijne, Oracle DBA, Ahold (colleague)

“As Oracle DBA of the Business Excelence Program at Ahold in Zaandam (Netherlands), I have had the pleasure to work with Luc. The way he managed the infrastructural part of the Program was tremendous. He showed strong leadership during the difficult periodes of this higly pressured project. His knowlodge of managing projects is of a very high level. Luc created a strong team, which was the basis of our succes. Beside the business he was also a warm and social person and very pleasant to work with. It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Luc without reservation. His drive and abilities will truly be an asset to your establishment. I believe Luc exhibits all the qualities that are essential to Project and Program Managers. If you have any questions regarding this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me. Regards - Robert Heijne” December 16, 2009

Nick Keeman, DBA, EDS (colleague)

Luc is a well structured Project/Program Manager who never looses sight of deadlines and goals to be achieved. During issues he acts as a true diplomat and he will never forget to socialise both with the customer as well as his colleagues. Luc's way of Managing is thrustworthy, open and direct. Luc has been my PM for about one and a half year and I value Luc because of his positive way of thinking and dedication for the projects.” January 4, 2010

Senthil Kumar Subramani, Senior Consultant, EDS, an HP Company (colleague)

“Luc De Booij is a diligent and dedicated project manager who delivers with a lot of passion and perfection. I worked with him for AHOLD BEP project. He was instrumental in AHOLD BEP project that was extremely well recognized and is referred within AHOLD account. Always pleasure to work with.” September 23, 2009

Kathy Hood PMP, Project Manager CIO Client EDS IT Services, Electronic Data Systems (colleague)
worked directly with you

“I worked with Luc on the PMP program and education group. He was the most enthusiastic in the group, bringing the subject matter alive by using examples from his daily job. Despite a demanding schedule, Luc persevered and proved his professionalism once more by passing the exam. I have never worked with Luc but would not hesitate to do so; he has the rare qualities of being upright, sincere, and a total professional.” September 2, 2009

Parvinder Singh Bhinder, Middleware Consultant, EDS, an HP company (colleague)

“Luc de Booij was my Programme Manager at EDS. Luc is very good at time and work management and always motivates the teams to achieve goals well in time. One of the best managers I have worked in the 10 years of IT. I enjoyed wirking with him.” July 16, 2009